Guy with clearly way too much time on his hands visits Palm Springs

A Michigan man brought his “unity Bridge” truck and trailer to Palm Springs on Sunday to show his support for building a wall, Donald Trump, and, mostly, that he has way too much time on his hands.

Robert Cortis describes his setup on Facebook as a, “Work of art created to promote Trump unifying America, making communities stronger, unifying families and neighborhoods one stop at a time! #unitybridge””

Because, yeah, signs demanding that we “lock her up” definitely scream unity.

Anyway, here’s some video that was sent to us of the rig blasting Lee Greenwood as it slowly drives by the Palm Springs Airport Sunday night – which is just the type of thing that normal folks do:

So why did Cortis decide to park his rig in Palm Springs for a few hours on Sunday?

Probably in hopes of getting attention for donations to keep his “Build the Wall Tour” going – with a check of his contributions showing that he has raised $0 towards his $50,000 goal.