Guy who put up pro-Trump real estate billboard is not at all surprised it was vandalized

A weird-ass billboard promoting both Donald Trump and buying real estate was vandalized recently which came as little surprise to the man who put it up.

The billboard, which as now been up for a couple of years, was hit with paintballs last week.  KESQ reached out to the owner of the Thousand Palms billboard, Rod Vandenburg, who was not at all surprised.

“I thought, ‘Wow this is terrible.’ I get a lot of hate calls because of it and it’s surprising it hasn’t been done sooner,” Vandenburg told the TV station. “I just wish everyone could get along. You know? You have people on the left, on the right. I’m just a business owner trying to promote business.”

Using the image of a man with a long history of racism and who talks shit about Palm Springs seems like a pretty terrible way to promote real estate in the desert, but based on these comments, it doesn’t really look like that was the point.

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