Guy thought he was getting a 1 cent Whopper, instead got charged $1,093.91

(ABC 7)

Perhaps you have heard about Burger King’s new troll-job of a promotion that has the company asking you to open up their app in a McDonald’s parking lot, then drive to a Burger King to collect a Whopper for just a penny? Well, I’m sure the marketing team thought it was hilarious when they were coming up with it, but you know who is not laughing?  The So Cal guy who was charged more than a grand for his order.

Boyce Harvey told ABC 7 that he tried to use the Whopper detour meal deal in the app, but when he went to pick up his grub at the Quartz Hill Burger King, the manager had a hard time finding his order and didn’t even know if the franchise was part of the promotion. So, Harvey, clearly starving at this point, nixed the idea of a penny burger and order up a couple of burgers, fries, and some drinks for what he thought was $8.99.

When he drove away from the Burger King drive-thru, he noticed there was a slight problem, he was dinged $1,093.91!

Burger King said they are trying to help out Harvey now since he had a huge overdraft on his account.

Perhaps in the future, the burger chain can focus more on just getting their own thing right rather than focusing so much time trying to troll their competition?