A guy is suing Planet Hollywood Casino over a mannequin in his room

Have you ever stayed at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas? Well, you should because every single room has memorabilia from a movie you have seen! It’s true. And, I know what you are thinking, there are so many rooms there, how could they possibly do that with legitimate memorabilia? Well, let me just brag a bit here that I once stayed in a room that had a badge thing that one of the extras supposedly wore in the movie “Crimson Tide.” So, yeah – big-time movie stuff here.

This is what makes Kent Jacobs Boutwell’s lawsuit pretty damn amazing. Boutwell, according to ABC 7, is suing the resort for $10K because there was a mannequin in his room wearing something that was once worn in something Holywood-ish (?) and, because it was dark, he freaked a bit and ended up hurting himself.

Boutwell said he was shocked and surprised by a human figure when he entered his darkened hotel room in the heart of the Strip in May 2015. As he tried to escape the room thinking that there was a person inside who was there to hurt him, he said he suffered serious injuries.

It turned out that the human figure was a mannequin wearing a “Miller Lite” racing suit that was locked in a glass cabinet.

The lawsuit claims he suffered undefined injuries to his body, limbs, organs, mind and nervous systems, resulting in conditions that may be permanent and disabling.

And as weird as this is, it does make sense.

You know that if you thought you saw someone in your dark hotel room, you would totally get weirded out. Plus its Vegas, so you might not be 100% in the reflex, coordination, decision categories, because, well, Vegas.

Hopefully, this guy ends up being ok.

Also, and this is important: Planet Hollywood’s rooms are ridiculous.


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