Update: This guy has now ridden Radiator Springs Racers over 5,000 times

Radiator Springs 2000 times

Radiator Springs 2000 times

A year ago, we introduced to you to a man who had ridden Disney California Adventure’s Radiator Springs Racers over 2,000 times. Now, a year later, we find out he is still at it.

John Hale fell in love with the ride when it first opened (as many of us did, just maybe not this much).  He told ABC 7  last year how the streak started.

At first his goal was riding 300 times, then 600, then 1,000. He’s detailed every race in a little notebook.

After crossing 1,000 laps in July, he decided to double it.

“The only other number to really go for would be 2,000,” he said.

He hit 2,000 last November and, yup, he is still at it.  The Orange County Register reports that Hale has now ridden the attraction 5,096 times (as of yesterday, who knows how many more times today). Dude simply loves it. So much so, that he once rode the racers 47 times in a single day (I would have thrown a Space Mountain run or two in there, but that is just me).

Hale, like almost all of us, has always loved going to Disneyland – but 5 years ago weighed over 400 pounds.  Because of his size, he encountered knee problems and  was forced to take a scooter around the park. His doctor told him he could have knee replacement surgery if he lost weight, so Hale went on a liquid diet, received gastric bypass surgery and lost 150 pounds. Then, in 2011, he had his knees replaced.

A short time later, Cars Land opened at Disney’s California Adventure.  Hale went on Radiator Springs Racers and loved it so much, that…well, did I mention he has now been on it over 5,000 times?  Hale also keeps a journal documenting his rides.

In the last few years, Hale has made friends with cast members who operate the attraction (you have a chance to meet many of them going on it 30 times a day) – and now he brings them treats, has attending their weddings, and he is going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with some of them next month.

Hale claims that his goal now is to hit ride number 10,000.  He guesses it will take about two years, unless he maybe takes a minute to go for a ride or two on Space Mountain every once in a while.