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Guy Kicks Cat. Guy Gets Arrested.


Tre’vonte Mitchell is an asshole (I know this, because only an asshole would kick a cat).

Mitchell, of Akron Ohio, kicked the defenseless cat on a video that was uploaded to Facebook. That video found its way first to Ohio Animal Abuser List‘s Facebook page, then it found its way to the cops.  NewsNet 5 reports:

[Mitchell] was confronted today by Akron detectives and the Humane Society about his actions in the video. Mitchell told police he was very regretful for kicking the animal and he didn’t know what he was doing.

Police were told by Mitchell that he was walking on Buchtel Avenue near the University of Akron with Roy Hill, the man whose Facebook profile the video was posted on. They saw a random cat in a random area and filmed the video of Mitchell abusing the cat.

I do not know what the fuck is wrong with people sometimes.

Unfortunately, Akron Police Captain Zampelli said he expects no jail time for Mitchell – who instead may be asked to pay a fine and perform some community service—possibly with animals. 

(h/t Gawker)