Flying, as we all know, is terrible. The airlines treat you like shit, charge you a fortune just to check a bag of clothes, and you have to submit to a body cavity search just to get to your gate. But, not all is bad. One passenger handed out $2 bills to everyone on his plane. That’s weird, yet cool. And, wow, someone still carries cash!

According to Natalie Gunderson, one of the recipients of the cash on the flight to North Carolina, the guy said he received a $2 bill from his dad when he was 16. His dad told him as long as he kept the bill, he’d never be broke. So, he decided to honor his dad by giving everyone on the flight a $2 bill so they’ll also never be broke.

That’s a nice gesture. Sadly, in today’s economy, most of those people have already had to use that cash to help pay their rent (or, more likely, towards a Jack and Coke on the plane) and are now broke.