Guess people like free lipstick

(image: Kristen Dolan

Today is National Lipstick day because, I guess, everything has to have a national day now – and that meant free lipstick at M.A.C. Judging by the line at 10 am at the location inside the Westfield Mall in Palm Desert, free lipstick is in demand.

(image: Kristen Dolan

And it’s not just long lines in the desert, the rest of the country saw plenty of people show up for the free lipstick:

Customers get to choose from one of five shades during the promotion – which has stores handing out a limited number of wristbands.

Here are the available shades to choose from for your free lipstick on National Lipstick Day ???? This Sunday, doors open at 11am! LINK IN BIO with all the info!

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Good luck getting your free lipstick!

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