GTFOH, 100-degree days

Have you checked out the weather forecast lately? You should. No, seriously. It’s…just…so…beautiful.

According to the Weather Channel, the next 15 days don’t have a single day forecasted to hit above 100 degrees in Palm Desert.


Yes, people.Β  It’s happening.Β It’s really happening!

Yeah, yeah.Β  I know.Β  Forecasts aren’t always accurate (if they were, Patrick Evans would give the 5-day on a Monday and then sleep in the rest of the week) and it will probably warm up again for another stretch before we get to Halloween, but dammit, it’s been a long summer and we all deserve this!!!

Enjoy it, people.


  1. Oy! Not again with the meteorology! There’s a group of us old farts gathering in front of the general store by the pickle barrel to play checkers and talk about the weather incessantly. I think you’d fit right in.

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