Group Replaces Bear on California’s Flag With Camel As Drought Makes People Go Full Derp

Stupid Drought Flag

[media-credit name=”California Water Foundation via KCBS” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]Stupid Drought Flag[/media-credit]
The California state flag is awesome. A star, a stripe, and a goddamn grizzly bear chillin’ on some grass.  Have a look and you sill see, The California State flag is the best there is.

One group has decided to “re-imagine” California’s awesome flag with a camel in place of the bear, because: a) the drought, and b) the drought is making people extremely derpy.

The California Water Foundation believes their flag will be a “wake-up call” about how much the state’s water supply has been depleted over the last three years.

The group’s deputy director Andrew Fahlund told KCBS that the flag was sent to state legislators in August as his group, which bestows grants for sustainable water use, lobbied for a host of bills to regulate groundwater pumping. Fahlund also told KCBS how “relevant” he thinks his stupid flag is.

The flag is not currently flying anywhere.

That is how it should stay.