If you grabbed bank robbery cash thrown during the 15 freeway chase, police would like it back

(Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.)

Police are asking for anyone who might have taken home some of the stolen money thrown out of a car during a police chase on the 15 Freeway this weekend to turn it in to authorities.

A chase began after a man fled a bank in Temecula with an unspecified amount of cash, according to a news release. During the pursuit, the suspect, identified as Thomas Burke, threw wads of cash from the car on the 15 Freeway and now the cops would like it back:

The Interstate 15 freeway was closed with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol for a period to recover evidence from the freeway discarded by the suspect. Witnesses stated motorists stopped along the freeway, collected evidence discarded by the suspect during the pursuit, and then drove away from the area. Detectives are actively seeking any witnesses who can provide information towards the recovery of the evidence.

The pursuit ended when the suspect collided with another vehicle.  Burke was hospitalized with suffered serious injuries. Police say he will be booked for robbery, felony evading, and parole violations once he is recovers from his injuries.

The vehicle the suspect collided with fled the scene after the crash and has not been identified.

Anyone with additional info should call the Riverside County Sheriff’s dispatch at (951) 776-1099, or the Lake Elsinore Police Department at (951) 245-3300.