Chef Gordon Ramsay has announced that he will be opening a “Hell’s Kitchen” restaurant at Caesar’s Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. This, of course, is great news if you love risotto and watching aspiring chefs get screamed at by a mad man throughout dinner.

It's official, #GRHellsKitchen is coming to @caesarspalace later this year !!!

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“Fans of the show have been asking us to bring a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ restaurant to life since day one, so I’m thrilled to finally be doing it here at Caesars Palace,” Ramsay said during a Facebook Live (via Variety). “A key element of the show’s success has always been the diners’ experience, so we are excited for guests in Las Vegas to feel like they too are part of the show – flames and all.”

The eatery is scheduled to open in the fall and will seat about 300 guests. I might recommend making an early reservation, as you-know-who has a habit of kicking out the entire kitchen staff before dinner service is even over.