Goodbye, nice weather. Hello, hell on earth.

Hey, remember those last couple of days when it was really nice outside and you were able to open your windows at night and you could get into your car without immediately bursting into flames? Yeah, that was pretty great. And, who knows, maybe we will get to feel that again…in a couple of months.

Yes. We all knew blistering hot temps would make a return to the Coachella Valley at some point – it is a desert after all – and that point appears to be now.

The forecast is calling for high temps to get up to about 105 today (not too awful), followed by 110 tomorrow (getting awful), 112 by the weekend (awful), and all the way up to 118 by Tuesday (ugh).

Tuesday will mark the first official day of summer and that 118 is getting pretty close to the record high temperature in the desert.  What a way to kick of the season!

If you need me, I’ll just be over wrapped head to toe in cooling towels for the next four months.