Good news: it’s finally cooler! Bad news: it’s windy af

Hey! So, after what seemed like a never-ending scorching summer has finally passed and this week the Coachella Valley is going to see some nice, seasonal temperatures. It might be tough to enjoy though – as the winds are going to be crazy all week.

Strong Santa Ana winds are expected throughout Southern California from Monday through Friday.  Wind gusts could reach up to 40 miles per hour on Monday in the Coachella Valley, according to the National Weather Service.

The strong winds, combined with low humidity and a lack of any rain this season, could also result in fires across Southern California – so a Red Flag Warning has been issued through much of the area.

During a Red Flag Warning, you are urged to be extremely careful with open flames and the state of California has relocated 10 fire units from Northern California to the Los Angeles area in case of fire danger, according to ABC News.

High temperatures should only reach the upper 60s early in the week, according to the forecast.  Then increase to the mid to upper 70s by week’s end.

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