Gonna go ahead and take a hard pass on the Badwater Ultra


Running, for the most part, sucks. Sure, there are times it is great. For example, you are say running towards the end zone for a touchdown in the Super Bowl or towards the office’s exit at 5 pm on a Friday – but, for the most part, running just blows. Weirdly enough, because some people don’t think running is awful enough already, a foot race will take place today that involves running 135 miles with an elevation gain and loss of over 20,000 feet.  Oh, and it kicks off in Death Valley which is, surprise, hot as fuck right now. Umm, yeah, I ‘ll pass.

The Badwater Ultra will kick off at 8 pm tonight and, for those who survive the grueling conditions, will finish at the gateway to Mt. Whitney.

So how does one train for a scorching, grueling, insane competition like the Badwater Ultra? Apparently, like this:

Yeah, have fun with that.

So yeah, good luck to all the runners today…not so much on winning, just on surviving, really. I’ll be over here in the sweet, sweet air-conditioning watching Stranger Things and thinking about maybe putting in 20 minutes on the elliptical at the gym.