It’s going to be hot af at the World Series tonight


So you couldn’t afford a ticket to see the Dodgers take on the Astros in the World Series. That’s a bummer. On the bright side, unlike those in the stadium, you can watch the game without sweating your balls off.

Yeah, that’s right. Chavez Ravine could see temperatures of 100 degrees when the game starts a little after 5 pm Tuesday night.

So much for “Fall Classic,” eh.

An while it may be bad for those roasting in their seats at Dodger Stadium, it could make the game fun to watch, as a study showed that a fly ball will go an extra 16 feet in 90 degree temps than it does when it’s 50 outside – which helps explain why you hit so many dingers at Field of Dreams in Cathedral City, but can barely make hit it to the warning track when you travel out of town.

As KTLA notes, it also might get crazy windy during the game too.

Not that any of that matters since it should be nice and cozy on your couch as you watch the Dodgers win.