Where do you go out for a healthy meal in Greater Palm Springs?

The Important Question is a recurring thing we do on Fridays here at Cactus Hugs to get input on food, places, and things in the Coachella Valley from the people who know it best: you!  Brought to you by Riviera Palm Springs

Sadly, one can not survive eating only Double-Doubles – well, not for long, anyway.  Sometimes, you just gotta eat healthy.  But, let’s face it.  Most restaurants  Greater Palm Springs and, well, everywhere are serving up an insane amount of calories.  So, when you want dine go out, but you don’t want to pack on the pounds, where do you go?

Let’s discuss the desert’s healthier eating options in the comments.  Bonus points if you mention a particular meal or post a pic of it.

The Important Question is brought to you by Riviera Palm Springs. There’s plenty of new things happening at The Riv.  Come check us out this weekend.

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