Where do you go for the best nachos in Greater Palm Springs?

The Important Question is a recurring thing we do here at Cactus Hugs to get input on food, places, and things in the Coachella Valley from the people who know it best: you! 

It’s National Nachos Day because, sure, why not?  The thing is, nachos are great any day – well, as long as they are good nachos.  Bad nachos are not only bad, any place that makes them should be shut down immediately.  Is it too late to jump into the Palm Springs City Council race and make that my platform?  Yes.  But, it’s the perfect time to find out where in the Coachella Valley is serving up the best nachos?

I always get stoked when ordering up some nachos.  Just the thought of melted cheese, crispy tortilla chips, solid toppings (I’m looking at you, pickled jalapeños!), sour cream, salsa…hold up, I got stop naming these things because I am getting hungry for nachos.

And when good nachos are delivered, it’s amazing.  But, when you order nachos and they come to your table cold or bad or gross, it’s devastating.  We all know this (which is why I would’ve won that city council race in a landslide).

So when it’s time to get nachos in the Coachella Valley, where is the best restaurant, bar, or super-secret place to go?  Let’s discuss in the comments.

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