Girlfriends in town for Coachella end up with a motel room full of bed bugs: report

Several girlfriends in town for Coachella had to sleep in their car after they say they discovered their motel room was full of bed bugs.

Lillian Almario told NBC 4 that she and a group of friends booked a room at a Palm Springs Motel 6 (the report did not say which one, specifically) and discovered the unwanted critters immediately.

“The very first night we woke up with bites,” Almario told the TV station. She also provided pictures.

Almario and her friends requested a different room but the motel was full so instead they issued a full refund for $790.

Motel 6 issued a statement to NBC 4:

“Our staff works diligently to check for signs of bed bugs regularly. As soon as we are made aware of a suspicion of bed bugs in a specific area…the area remains secured until the professional exterminators clear it for use.”

The report follows an investigation of the TV station on the cleanliness of a couple of Coachella Valley hotels that might give you pause next time you stay in a hotel.