This comically sized pepper mill seems really unnecessary


I have not been to Eight4Nine restaurant in Palm Springs. I guess it’s good. It gets 4 stars on Yelp and I haven’t heard anything bad about it. I do see the TV commercials every once in a while for the eatery and, wait, what’s the deal with the giant pepper mill?

Server: “Would you like some pepper on your salad?”

Me: “Sure!”

Server: “Okay.  Would you mind holding the bottom of this gigantic thing over your salad  while I get in my car and drive 5 miles to the top so I can turn it and get you grind you some pepper?  Thanks. Call me at this number when you you have enough.”

Me: “Ummm, never mind. I’m good.”

I am guessing that it’s just the pepper mills that are hilariously oversized and are, for some reason, the star of the restaurant’s TV commercial – though I do secretly hope that the owners of Eight4Nine bought a bunch of their supplies from a restaurant for giants and Hodors that was going out of business and now their kitchen staff is working with 5-foot-long spatulas and a pan large enough to fit an entire cow inside.

Update: I had originally called it a “pepper shaker” and not a “pepper mill” because I just want pepper and don’t care about the name or the hugeness of the thing it comes out of.  Thank you for correcting me, everyone.