Getting home from the Stevie Nicks Amex concert took longer than the actual performance

Many of those attending the Luke Bryan and Stevie Nicks concerts at the Bob Hope Class…err, I mean American Express golf tournament…spent more time in their cars trying to get home than Nicks spent on stage this weekend, according to the Desert Sun.

Hundreds of concert-goers were caught in gridlocked traffic for hours as they attempted to head home following Nicks’ 80-minute show.


Dozens of people on Facebook late Friday and early Saturday shared their traffic troubles in comments on a Desert Sun story about the performance.


“We left the concert 6 songs in to avoid traffic and sat in parking lot for 2 hours for a 10 minute drive home — Stagecoach was easier!” wrote Rebecca Nankivell.

The city of La Quinta, which might just not be cut out to handle these types of things, offered up a sort of apology on Facebook, blaming the long delays on “unforeseen issues, because sure, who could’ve possibly predicted people might be into seeing an icon perform?

If only there was another, long-running big event the next city over that La Quinta and tournament organizers could look to for guidance on how to handle traffic from large concert crowds.