Geoff Kors has raised a ton of money for the Palm Springs city council race


The Uken Report has the latest Palm Springs campaign donation figures and current council member Geoff Kors has raised nearly $90,000 so far – which kinda seems like a ton of money for a district-based race in a city with a population of less than 50,000 people. Now sure, it’s not exactly Ginny Foat election money (yet, anyway), but it does make you cringe a bit about how much cash is at the center of our local elections.

The campaign donations, which totaled $84,139.89, came during the first six months of 2019. Meanwhile, Alfie Pettit, who is running against Kors, reported $17,368.75 in total campaign donations – which might also sound like a lot of money, but then you see that $16,453.88 of that is a loan that Pettit made to himself and another $790.87 is a donation he made to his own campaign, leaving a minuscule $124 in donations from other people.

Anyway, if you have ever thought of running for Palm Springs City Council, better start saving up for that loan to yourself now…or better yet, start getting chummy with the town’s rich folk.