Gas prices are at their highest point in 3 years, but will probably be coming down soon

Whether you have recently filled up at the pump or just overheard everyone you know bitching about it, you probably know that gasoline is super expensive right now – but, some relief might soon be on the way.

According the Automobile Club of America, gas prices in Southern California are at their highest point in three years, due to unplanned shutdowns at two refineries which has caused supply concerns.

“Oil prices are another factor,” Marie Montgomery, spokesperson for the Auto Club of Southern California, told ABC 7. “Crude oil prices have been going up quite substantially in the last few weeks and that of course plays a major factor in keeping gas prices higher than they’ve been even a year ago.”

Currently, LA is seeing gas prices averaging $3.88 a gallon, it’s about $3.83 in the OC, and Riverside County is averaging about $3.78 per gallon.  (Note: to find the lowest prices in the Greater Palm Springs area, just check here)

And while that sucks, the good news is the rack prices of gasoline has been coming down, which should reach consumers shortly. Plus, prices typically drop about 12 cents November 1, when gas stations switch to the winter blend.