Gal Gadot to get award at the Palm Springs Rich People Prom

The organizers of the annual Rich People Prom, aka the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, have announced that actress Gal Gadot will be given the Rising Star Award – and probably have her hair inappropriately touched, at the January 2nd event.

“Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman showed us a strong, capable, poised, curious and compassionate character, and her performance has been universally praised, resonating with audiences everywhere. Gal plays the immortal warrior so well, and the film’s themes are especially apt for today, empowering all types of people-women and men, young and old-the world over,” the prom’s Chairman Harold Matzner said in a statement (via Deadine).

Tickets to the event start at $350 for the back of the house with VIP tickets going for $2,500 and up. The Rich People Prom is made possible thanks in part to a $350,000 donation in materials, supplies, and services from the City of Palm Springs.