Fuck You, Palm Desert

Palm Desert

palm desert

Fuck you, Palm Desert.

Seriously. Fuck you.

I have lived in Palm Desert for 15+ years and, during that time, I have, sadly, grown accustomed to being treated by the city as a second class citizen as I am neither rich nor am I Canadian.

I have seen the city throw money at pompous events like Fashion Week, First Friday, and, well every other damn thing the city does – all while making the town unaffordable for the middle class and impossible for entrepreneurs to open up shop. And, over the years, I have grown to accept it.

But what I can not accept, nor should anyone else, is the council agreeing to pay an employee –  former city manager John Wohlmuth, who is accused of sharing nude photos of a city employee to other city employees – nearly $300,000 to walk away from his cushy, grossly overpaid job without some sort of public investigation.

And the city council does not get it at all.

Not only did they try to pay the man without anyone finding out, but when KESQ reported on the story, Mayor Robert Spiegel said he knew about the allegations and added “our city is pretty well run.”  The Mayor told the Desert Sun that Wohlmuth’s retirement is “heartbreaking.”

What the fuck are you talking about, man?

Be a leader. Call for an investigation and, if the allegations are true, pay this guy nothing – you know, the way it would be for any of us not in power if we were to share a naked pic of a co-worker around the office.

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