Fuck you, GQ Magazine


Hey, GQ Magazine. What the fuck?

The mag posted a piece about visiting Santa Barbara on Friday – which is fine. Santa Barbara is nice. But, before getting into why someone should spend time on the central coast, they had to take a dig at Palm Springs:

If you’re visiting L.A. and high off the joy that comes with renting a car, you might get the idea to take a road trip. Maybe I’ll go to Palm Springs, you think, trendily. But the secret about Palm Springs is that the only things to do there are get buzzed, lay by a pool, and Instagram. Better to go to the beach: drive along the coast for two hours and crash in Santa Barbara for a night or two.

Okay, first off, what’s wrong with getting buzzed and laying by the pool?  Second, I will have you know, GQ Magazine, that Palm Springs is not just about Instagram.  There are also several Snapchat filters available around town too.  So there.

The article goes on to say that Santa Barbara isn’t just about old people and college kids anymore since the city now has boutique hotels and some cool restaurants.  Hmmm, replace “college kids” with “hipsters” and that sounds like a certain desert city, no?

GQ finished the piece pointing out several places to get your drink on before “lazing by the pool” because that is what people like to do on vacation and, no offense to Santa Barbara, it’s way more fun to do in Palm Springs.