Friday Should be a Paid Day Off in The Coachella Valley

Friday is going to have some pretty atypical weather for May in The Coachella Valley.  This should be all the reason to give everyone in town the day off.

Forecasts call for a high temperature of 70 degrees or lower – which would beak the record “lowest high” for the day of 76 degrees (thanks to CBS’s Rob Bradley for that nugget of info) and The Desert could get some substantial rain.

While normally this time of year sees daytime highs in the low 2,000 degree range (at least it feels that way), Friday will be a bit different:

Seeing as how we have seen numerous times that The Coachella Valley is not equipped to deal with any rain, it would probably be best to go ahead and shut things down for the day so we can all have rainy day fun of soup, Netflix and, well, just not working.  Besides, after dealing with the Snow Birds for the last 6 months, you have earned a day off.

Thanks in advance for making this happen Coachella Valley leaders (or do you need to get paid consulting fees first?).