French Fry Grease is Now a Thing Getting Stolen

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
Fast food chicken nuggets aren’t just giving Americans diabetes, they are also powering your car!

As it would turn out, kitchen grease can be converted into biofuel and the oil used to fry your french fries can command as much as 3 bucks a gallon!

The oil is so valuable, that a black market has crept up and now thieves are stealing the grease from the back of fast food restaurants according to KTTV:

“We lose a lot of money” says an investigator from one of the larger recyclers that gets the oil from containers kept in the of restaurants. The containers are locked, but thieves brake into them, using torches or metal saws. They syphon the product into waiting trucks, often splashing it on the ground.

“A lot of it ends up down the drain” adds the investigator who wants to remain anonymous. Indeed, it was CHP officers who contacted state officials earlier this year. They had stopped several trucks carrying used oil in leaky containers. The environmental concerns are serious, since the oil, which often ends up down drains, is a serious pollutant that kills marine life.

Now a California Assemblyman is even writing a law for stricter penalties for would be grease stealers.

I would suspect this man as the number one suspect.