Stagecoach is more than just a country music festival, it is also a chance for oh so many brands to woo country fans and potential customers with handouts.

Here is all the free stuff I picked up on Friday as I cruised around the event, ranked from worst to best.

9Barefoot Wine Stopper

This might have ranked higher if I had a bottle of wine I needed to re-cork at the event.

8Toyota Loyalty Owner Beverage

As the wife owns a Toyota, we were allowed to enter a special area in the owners lounge, where we were treated to a tiny, non-alcoholic drink.  It was ok.  It was also only 2 gulps.

7Estee Lauder Makeup Touchup

My wife spent a few minutes getting her makeup touched up by Estee Lauder makeup experts topped off with one of those wrap-around 360 photo things they do on fashion shows.  She seemed to like it.

6All these bags

Looks like I am good on these bags for a while.  Bonus: I used one of them to carry the rest of this stuff.

5Golden Road Bandana

Bandanas are necessary to battle the dust and cough-chella at the Empire Polo field.  I opted for the blue, the wife for pink.  I will probably use this again at future fests.

4Toyota Bandana

This bandana ranks higher as they dipped it into ice water before handing it over – which is refreshing on a hot day in Indio.  They do ask for your contact information and email address in order to get one, but I signed up a friend instead.  I am sure they will be super excited to start receiving Toyota news and offers in their  inbox.


Toyota had a ton of freebies and one of them was popsicles.  Once again, it was hot, they were cold.  This was a good giveaway.


Okay, these were not edible donuts.  Rather, a professional stunt driver took us on a short ride where he did a bunch of donuts in a dirt lot adjacent to the polo field.  Bonus: the truck is air conditioned.

1Red Vines

Free pack of delicious Red Vines. Yes. All day. Every day.

I am told you can get free Monster Energy drinks and photos inside a Wells Fargo Stagecoach too.  As you can see above, I did not find myself in the area where that was happening as I was busy watching 81-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis kill it on the piano.

If there’s anything I missed, let me know in the comments.

Cactus Hugs is out at Stagecoach all weekend.  Be sure to check back for recaps and updates. 

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