Frankinbun Palm Springs | A Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Recap

The third of several segments filmed in the Coachella Valley for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives debuted on Friday night on the Food Network. Frankinbun in Palm Springs was featured as the second of three restaurants on the show.  Here is a recap.

The Coachella Valley hot dog joint was the third segment on the show, which began with an odd trio consisting of our frosted tipped host, Guy Fieri, along with Sammy Hagar and Mick Fleetwood in Hawaii. This show, man. Viewers who hung around until the end were treated to a couple of dishes at Frankinbun: a vegan chili dog and chicken and waffles on a stick.

The segment begins with Guy Fieri lingering on Indian Canyon…

…Guy, please, get off the road and onto the sidewalk, man!!

Our host survives and introduces us to Tristan Gittens, the owner of Frankinbun, and, suprise, also an epidemiologist (!) with a rad shirt (more on that later).

The boys get to work on the vegan dog first. Why a vegan dog, you ask? Cuz Guy Fieri does what he wants! That’s why!!

And why, you ask, is Guy Fieri yelling at the vegetables? Welp, this I do not know.

The duo completes the vegan dog with chili and, really, what would this show be without Guy eating things?

But, you always know it’s good when after the first bite of the hot dog, our host hits the man who made it.

Fieri then calls the hot dog “one of the best vegan dishes I have ever had on Triple D” and “prime time, bro” – which is a nice compliment for Frankinbun.

From there, us viewers are treated to the custom wallpaper at Frankinbun, created by Tristan’s wife…

…and what is great wallpaper without a matching shirt?

The episode concludes with chicken and waffles – which are served on stick thanks to a rad hot dog-shaped waffle iron.

The results, which are served with maple syrup, look amazing.

But does Guy like them?

Oh, yeah. Guy likes them.

If you go:

Frankinbun, 540 S. Indian Canyon Dr., (760) 318-4841

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