The Desert Sun reports that there is a new festival coming to Cathedral City. I am going to believe it when I see it.

His Royal Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe attended Wednesday’s Cathedral City Council meeting and gave a brief presentation as council considered whether to approve his application to host a royal caviar festival in the city in April.

Council unanimously approved the application, paving the way for the festivities to take place Saturday, April 1.

A few things…

1) Dafuq?
2) April 1, eh?  Coincidence or what?
3) Seriously tho, dafuq?
4) What is up with dude’s hashtags?

The  newspaper says that the event will take place from noon until 8 pm.  It will begin as a family festival – because kids sure love that caviar – and then turn into an adults-only masquerade ball later in the night.

The whole thing is also supposed to be part of a reality show.