Former patient claims Palm Desert rehab facility employee coerced him into sex for drugs

(Fox 11)

A man who was once a patient of a Palm Desert rehab facility, claiming that an employee coerced him into sex acts in exchange for drugs.

The man’s identity was not disclosed by FOX 11, as he is an alleged sex victim. They call the man “Robert” in their story (video of the story is below). Robert told the tv station that he was living in New York and wanted to get clean from his heroin addiction in January 2017, so he sought treatment at Sovereign Health Group – which has multiple locations around the nation, including Palm Desert.

Robert was housed in an apartment complex the company rented out. He claims that the house manager, Adam Salcido, made sexual proposals to him after seeing he was having severe withdrawals.

An email shown to Fox 11 says, “Here’s my number, if you let me s*** your d***, I’ll buy you heroin! Don’t tell anyone, cause I got suspended for asking the same question once already.”

Robert says he initially declined, but eventually gave in as his withdrawals become severe. He claims he was then given money and allowed to leave so he could buy drugs at a nearby park. After getting the drugs, Robert says he relapsed and left the facility.

The lawsuit against Sovereign Health and Salcido cites unlawful oral copulation and sexual battery. The suit also alleges that Salcido was not a licensed counselor, therapist, or medical doctor, but was still hired as the house manager and that Sovereign Health was put on notice that Salcido previously preyed on other vulnerable male patients.

Sovereign Health had no comment.  Fox 11 tracked down Salcido at the Coachella Food 4 Less where he told them, “That’s what you call a drug addict who makes up lies.”

Salcido no longer works at Sovereign Health. Robert says he is now clean and lives in New York where he is going to school to be a barber.

Video of the story is below (some mobile devices might have to click here to view):