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Former Palm Desert Councilman who “left in disgrace” will run for office again


A former City Councilman for the City of Palm Desert who admitted to the Desert Sun that he, “left in disgrace” plans to run for city council again – which seems fitting, it being Palm Desert and all.

Jim Ferguson can’t formally throw his hat into the ring until July 18, but he decided to tell the newspaper about his intentions three months early:

Ferguson, who admittedly “left in disgrace” when he was voted out in 2010, told The Desert Sun on Thursday that he is a “different person today and I hope to demonstrate that … by my actions and deeds. I’m excited about this and looking forward to it.”

Three of the City Council’s five seats are coming up for election on Nov. 8. Mayor Bob Spiegel, who has been serving on the City Council since 1993, has said he won’t seek re-election. Council members Van Tanner and Susan Marie Weber are also up for re-election.

Ferguson was first elected to the council in 1997 where he served until 2010 when a scandal erupted over his travel expenses, totaling over $20,000.

Here is a news report on Ferguson’s insane expenses on travel overseas (Seriously, watch it.  It is incredible.  Especially when the other council members are interviewed and answer John White’s queries in the most Palm Desert way possible):

In a Facebook post, Ferguson says he is at peace with himself and believes he has something to offer the city.

Sidenote: in post 2 days later, Ferguson posted about his super-awesome personal Coachella party.

Ferguson vows to “run an honest, straightforward campaign, with no games or shenanigans” – which is weird, since that really seems to be all that Palm Desert is about these days.