Employees say former Palm Desert City Manager forced them to look at nude photo of male co-worker


Details are finally emerging as to what happened to force former Palm Desert City Manager John Wohlmuth to resign his cushy, insanely overpaid gig earlier this year. 

The complaints from city employees, which were released Friday, stemmed from an incident that occurred at Wohlmuth’s home March, when employees say Wohlmuth took a naked photo of a male coworker and then made others look at it, reports the Desert Sun:

One employee, whose name has been redacted from their complaint, said that Wohlmuth and the colleague had worked a half-day on the previous day so he could watch March Madness basketball games at Wohlmuth’s house. Wohlmuth said the colleague went skinny-dipping because he wanted to go swimming but didn’t have a swimsuit. As the man entered the pool, Wohlmuth took a picture of him from behind. The next day at work, Wohlmuth showed off the photo, according to the complaints.

Employees claimed that Wohlmuth then forced his phone (with the picture showing) into their faces and told an employee that “everyone should see it!”

Wohlmuth did not respond to the Desert Sun for comment, possibly because he was too busy spending the nearly $300,000 in severance pay the city gave him to walk away – because the Palm Desert City Council is the worst.

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