Former employee sentenced to 5 years probation for embezzling $350k from DHS High

A former clerk at Desert Hot Springs High School was sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to felony embezzlement. She will also have to wear an ankle bracelet and make an effort to pay back the money, according to the Desert Sun.

Deneen Kuhlman, a school clerk, also needs to wear an ankle bracelet for 180 days and she must “scrimp and save” to pay back the money, according to her attorney, David Greenberg. So far, she’s paid back about $20,000, he said. Court records show her conviction was for embezzling $346,731.

“Mrs. Kuhlman is remorseful for her actions and intends on making good on them by paying back every penny,” said Greenberg, who stressed that his client notified authorities about the theft and cooperated with them during the investigation.

Riverside County District Attorney’s office spokesman John Hall said Kuhlman needs to pay at least $300 per month. She needs to get a job and return to court in six months, at which point the minimum monthly payment may increase.

The cash taken was intended for student programs at the school.  At $300 per month, it would take Kuhlman 1,156 months, or just over 96 years, to fully repay the $346,731.