Gift cards suck, so give this amazing gift instead

It’s the home stretch for holiday shopping and, if you have waited all the way until this point, you are probably just going to give up on finding the perfect gifts for everyone and grab a gift card. Don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily hate gift cards – but I can tell you what I love much more: cold hard cash.  And I don’t think I am alone on this.

Did the Beatles sing about wanting gift cards?  No.  No they didn’t.  In fact, they probably think gift cards are for the birds and bees.

Why is cash so great.  Obviously, for a lot of reasons, for starters, you can literally do whatever you want with cash, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Buy yourself some new clothes? Yup, you can do that. Have a nice meal somewhere? Yes, you can do that too. Grab a few edibles at the local dispensary to help you get through all the stress your family causes during the Holidays?  That might just be your best option!

Now some will say, “But I don’t want you spending cash on paying your bills or something. I want you to spend it on something fun.” But, here’s the thing, maybe you need to pay off your bills more than you need 50 bucks worth of shit at Amazon. Cash lets you do that. Cash lets you do anything!

I have lost my fair share of gift cards because I did not use them right away (and, clearly, I am not the only one) – but I have never lost a cash gift because I spent that shit immediately!  And whoever you give the amazing gift of cash to will surely do the same.

In fact, they probably won’t say it, but your gift of cash will be the best gift the person you give it to receives this season – especially if that person is your favorite blogger *cough*.