The Coachella Music and Arts Festival lineup has quite an extensive list of options where you can grab some food during the festival with every thing from pop-ups from some of America’s most popular chefs to Shake Shack to festival favorite Spicy Pie. With all the options available at the Empire Polo Club, I managed to find myself chowing down on a Macaroni and Cheese Slice of Pizza. It was the first time I could audibly hear my arteries screaming at me.

There’s really no need here to describe the ingredients or taste of this monstrosity that is served by Pizzanista (near the Craft Beer Barn) – as it’s just a slice of cheese pizza with some macaroni and cheese thrown on top.

It was ok. I think I would’ve liked it much more if I was high. This was my bad.

I hate myself for eating this thing

Now, while I wish I would’ve smoked before having that slice (which I am sure put on 40 pounds immediately), I was glad I didn’t because I found a beer bar serving up a 19% alcohol brew. Yes, you read that right. 19%!!!

Around the corner from the Craft Beer Barn and next to the Whiskey Bar, you will find the Rare Beer Bar that is serving up some, let’s just be honest here, better beers for only a buck more ($13) than the beers at the Craft Beer Barn.

They rotate beers all weekend and I was shocked to find that when I walked up they had Chocolate Rain from The Bruery – a brewery out of Placentia. I had an internal debate about having a 19% beer at 1 pm at Coachella but, as I had a plan to take a nap in the afternoon, I went for it.

This beer was so freakin’ good (also, no my hand is not gigantic…they serve this in a smaller cup because, you know, 19%)

I am glad I did, it was boozy and tasty and unique and rad.

That’s basically the food and drink at Coachella. Sometimes you find something great and sometimes, well, not so much.

Have you been out at the festival? What have been your favorite food and drink options? Let’s discuss in the comments.