Following that big fire, Burrtec would like to remind you not to throw your batteries in recycling containers

(Facebook / Luis Manuel Rodriguez Ulloa)

Just a day after a huge blaze broke out at its Palm Desert recycling center, Burrtec released a statement reminding people that lithium-ion batteries don’t go in the recycling container.


“The cause of the fire is still undetermined; however, typical causes of these types of fires range from pressurized tanks/containers, fuels, fertilizers, to newer hazards like lithium-ion batteries that are placed in recycle containers. The past few years have shown an increased use and improper disposal of lithium-ion batteries as a significant contributor to recycle center fires. Unfortunately, the incidents involving lithium-ion battery fires are not just associated with recycle centers. This issue also holds true with airlines and the dangers of lithium-ion batteries igniting. “

Burrtec has more info on its recycling program here. For a locations of where you can recycle batteries, check out Call 2 Recycle here.