Flying into PSP is getting super expensive for Coachella

Typically, flying into Palm Springs International Airport is a bit more expensive than say LAX or Ontario, but this Spring, airfares are soaring for some looking to catch a flight to the desert during the busy festival season.

SFGate took a look at Google Flights from San Francisco International to Palm Springs PSP Weekend One and Weekend Two of Coachella. The good news: there were eleven non-stop options with a Thursday departure and a Monday return between Alaska and United. The bad news: they were really pricey.

The cheapest flights were running $600 to $800 roundtrip for Weekend One. For the second weekend of Coachella, it’s a little less, but still $500-$600. Those fares are way up from the first weekend in April (the weekend before festival season) and, in 2018, fares were running as low as $128 round trip.

But, as is seemingly always the case, there is a much cheaper way for our Bay Area friends to catch a flight near Palm Springs – with Southwest flights from Oakland to Ontario going for as little as $200 roundtrip and, dammit, why can’t we get Southwest to fly into PSP already!