Flight from Hawaii to LAX turns around after fight breaks out between passengers

A flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles turned around and returned to Hawaii after a fight broke out between two passengers.

The Hawaiian Airlines flight was over two hours into its trip, when the the captain made the call to return to Honolulu due to “unruly passengers,” according to KHON.

“I don’t know if it was wife or girlfriend, but was like ‘Don’t talk to her like that, you shouldn’t talk to her like that’,” passenger Stanson Chung told the TV station. “And then the guy said, ‘Don’t you talk to me like that’ and that kinda triggered him to charge him or something.”

“I heard a bunch of shouting coming from behind me — about three rows back. Some dude was in another dude’s face telling him to *expletive* off,” passenger Justin Moore-Brown told Hawaii News Now. “I just heard yelling. It started quietly and I turned around and they were in each other’s face already.”

Police were waiting for the flight when it returned. The plane eventually took off again and arrived in Los Angeles about 4:30 am Wednesday morning.

Some flight attendants suffered minor injuries.