Palm Desert found a way to make El Paseo super exciting!!!

The City of Palm Desert has finally found a way to bring more excitement to its sleepy, hoity-toty, boring-as-hell retail and dining district.

Yup!  The City Council took a break last week from finding new ways to screw over tourists and giving truckloads of cash to former employees accused of showing naked pictures of other employees around the office to finally bring something people will get pumped about on the street known for its overpriced jewelry stores and insanely overpriced art galleries: balloons!

Oh yeah, people!  Motha’ fuckin’ balloons are coming to El Paseo!!  The city voted to allow them and pedestal signs last week and seriously, how pumped are you right now?!?  Probably not as pumped as those balloons are going to be.

Of course, Palm Desert being Palm Desert, anyone who wants to fly balloons on El Paseo will have to get a permit from the city first.

No one spoke out against the relaxed rules at a public hearing on Thursday, but as the Desert Sun reports, Christine Stein, with Leeds & Son jewelers, spoke in favor of it.

“This is a marketing tool,” Stein said, adding, “We take luxury very seriously” and the signs don’t detract from that.

“Do the balloons really help business?” Mayor Bob Spiegel asked.

“Yes. It shows there is something exciting going on,” Stein said.

And as everyone knows, there is nothing more exciting than a couple of balloons along the sidewalk of a street where just about everyone dining out looks to be about as old as the Crypt Keeper and almost every store shuts down before 5 pm – well except maybe a weird display showing one of the Presidential candidates on fire.

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