It’s Final Four time! Vote now for the Best Thing in the Coachella Valley

Final Four Best Thing

Voting for this round is over – vote in the final round here.

The Final Four is here in the Best Thing in the Coachella Valley Tournament. It has been quite a journey to get here. But, here we are with a couple of number one seeds, Coachella Fest and Air Conditioning, completely dominating their regions. Meanwhile, Joshua Tree National Park, a two seed, knocked off top seeded Palm Springs Film Fest to get here and then there is the Cinderella story: KESQ reporter, heckler silencer, and colon explorer Joe Galli – who has had to take down golfers, hospitality workers, hikers, and golfers to get to this round.

So who advances to the final round?  Well, that is up to you and your votes.

Remember, the goal here, as it has been all along, is to find the best thing in the Coachella Valley.

Voting for this round will take place all day today, Wednesday, with the final round starting tomorrow.

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