Fights break out after some dude decided to ‘make it rain’ outside Vegas casino

(Google Maps)

Police were forced to respond to several fights breaking out on the las Vegas Strip after a man “made it rain” by tossing $100 bills into the air.

The crowd exiting Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub at The Cromwell Casino were surprised by a man who unleashed a stack of $100 bills decided to toss them into the air. share the wealth, police said.

“As you might expect, it caused quite the commotion,” Metropolitan Police Department Lt. David Gordon told the Las Vegas Review Journal.

At one point, the crowd grew to about 1,000 people.

No one was seriously hurt, but two people were arrested for misdemeanors by police, according to

The event came just one day after the Cromwell was evacuated after reports of gunshots in the casino, which actually turned out to be the sounds of velvet rope stands being knocked down.

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