Fear Not La Quinta, Your Cloudy & Stinky Water is Just Fine to Drink: Officials

Some La Quinta residents were a bit concerned about drinking from their tap on Friday – as the water that came out was cloudy and stunk of chemicals.  But feel free to gulp away as officials say the stinky, non-clear water is just dandy!

KESQ spoke with a water district employee who wanted everyone to know that the H2O is all good:

According to Heather Engel with the water district, an air compressor somehow got stuck in the open position so a larger amount of air than normal was put into the water supply. Crews made the discovery around 1 a.m. and worked throughout the night to make repairs.

Engel said the air compressor was fixed by 11 a.m. Friday but nothing was actually wrong with the water supply. It was just excess air so it is safe to drink and use.

And as far as the smell?  Well, according to Engel the excess air in the water increased the odor, but it is the same amount of chlorine that is always in the drinking water.

Not sure if Engel or anyone at the water district actually offered to drink the water to prove it is ok (ala The Simpsons serving Mr. Burns “Blinky The 3-Eyed-Fish”)…

mr burns blinky

…but hopefully they will in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy that refreshing “water” La Quinta.