Fatal 7-vehicle crash on 210 Freeway caused by chase suspect going the wrong way


A collision that killed one and left several injured was triggered by a pursuit suspect going the wrong direction on the 210 Monday.

A woman jumped into a truck after its owner got out in San Bernardino about 3:25 pm, according to ABC 7.
Inside the truck was a 2-year-old, who was dropped off a short distance away.

Police caught up with the suspect, who drove onto the 210 Freeway and headed westbound in the eastbound lanes.

911 callers reported the driver was reported doing donuts, cutting in and out of the carpool lane, and driving on the center divider, reports the Daily Bulletin. At times, the woman was driving over 100 mph.

She eventually struck multiple vehicles head on.

One persona died in the collision. The suspect was listed in critical condition. Three others sustained minor injuries.