FARM restaurant in Palm Springs – You gotta try the Bacon, Chicken and Waffles

Breakfast at Farm in Palm Springs

There is not better way to start your day than with a rad breakfast, which is why I was stoked to discover this gem in Palm Springs.

FARM in downtown Palm Springs has a pretty good selection of omelettes, crepes, and salads on the menu – but, if you really want to indulge, skip those and order the Bacon, Chicken, and Waffles.

Now, unlike the chicken and waffles you might be used to, FARM serves up their plate with grilled chicken – which combines nicely with the strips of bacon,  gravy (!), sausage (yes, sausage and bacon in the same dish) and a damn tasty waffle.  They also throw lettuce on your plate, but you won’t really care about that when you are diving into the main course.

The sausage, waffle, bacon, and gravy really compliment each other well – I am not trying to to go all Food Network judge on you here, just saying that it is obvious they spent some time putting this dish together so that all the ingredients taste good on their own, but taste amazing together.

And the dish really pairs nicely with one of their tasty Bloody Marys – which come with yet another strip of bacon and really have just the right amount of spiciness you are looking for.

Bloody Mary at FarmAs good as the meal is, be warned, this is not the cheapest breakfast you will ever have – a couple of Bloodys, two breakfast plates, and a tip set me back $70 – which is a bit pricey for breakfast.  But, for those times when you want to splurge on a damn tasty breakfast, it is worth every penny.

I mean, just look at it!

Chicken & waffles bih.

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FARM is located at 6 La Plaza in Palm Springs and open 9 am to 2 pm – (760) 322- 2724

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