What Famous People Were in Palm Springs This Weekend

The 4th of July is not the biggest weekend of the year for celebrities to come to Palm Springs (lack of a music or film festival and the temperature being hotter than the surface of the sun will do that), but there were some moderately famous people in town you may have heard of sweating with the rest of us:

Actor Michael Biehn (Terminator) and his wife Jennifer

Actor Jeremy Jackson (Hobie from Baywatch) dined at LG’s

E! Channel’s Ross Matthews

Boxer Mia St. John

Actor DJ Qualls (Road Trip)

Porn Star Dana DeArmond

Singer Cara Quici

YouTube Star Ray William Johnson

UPDATE: Top Chef’s Richard Blais enjoyed a world famous date shake at Shields Date Gardens in Indio
Thanks to Christi Doll DeRouen for the tip on Facebook)

Did you spot anyone? Let us know who and where with a comment…