Family Pickets Indio School Principal Because He Told Them Not to Park in Fire Lane

A family has been protesting every day since Tuesday this week in front of Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Indio and it is all because the principal of the school told a man not to park illegally.

Frank Farias and his family are demanding Principal Clayton Hill be fired and have been holding up signs in front of the school like these:

“I’ll be here until I die or they fire him,”, Frias told the Desert Sun.  The family has been parking a vehicle loaded with camouflage oil barrels (because that is not scary at all near a school) and the family is claiming that they are building a full-sized billboard, mounted on a flat-bed trailer, to park by the campus every day!!!

School officials are concerned but Indio Police Department says that Farias was within his rights to protest on public property. Cops also checked out the oil drums and deemed them to be not dangerous.

And why is all this happening?  it is all over parking in a fire lane, as The Desert Sun reports:

The initial incident that prompted the family’s protest occurred after Farias came to the school on Friday to pick up his neighbor’s son last Friday. Farias’ wife works as a babysitter, and they have picked up the child at the school for years, the family said.

Farias was parked in a fire lane in the school’s parking lot, and Hill told him to move. Hill said Farias then drove into an off-limits section of the lot, intentionally crushing several of the school’s traffic cones.

During the resulting argument, Hill called campus security. Farias said the principal shouted at him furiously, but Hill insists he was even-toned.

On Thursday, The Desert Sun spoke to numerous Roosevelt parents who said the principal never raised his voice at Farias. Ten parents vouched for Hill as a kind and caring principal.

So now, Frias and his family are picketing, scaring parents, and demanding a man lose his job…and all because he was asked to not park illegally in a fire lane.

Seems like the appropriate response.

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