Facebook announces people are spending less time on Facebook

Facebook, that thing you use to secretly look at how terrible your ex looks nowadays and occasionally click on Cactus Hugs stories, announced Wednesday that people are spending less time using the social media network.

Mark Zuckerberg told investors that tweaks made what’s show in the news feed led to a 5 percent drop in the total amount of time users spend on the social network, notes KTLA.

Facebook changed how its newsfeed last year choosing to show you more posts from your friends and less from publishers and brands – and, if you are like me, you are already over seeing posts of your old roommates dinners and your coworkers kids playing yet more soccer all while notifications keep popping up about some dumb Facebook Live you could care less about.

Plus there’s Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter and a zillion other options too.  So there’s that.

If, by chance, you want to see the magic that is Cactus Hugs posts first, you can do that. If not, I understand, I find the language offensive and the tone crass.