Expensive and totally unnecessary digital license plates are coming to California

(Reviver Auto)

You know that two minutes you spend every year putting your registration sticker on your license plate. Well, consider those two minutes saved, provided you pay $700 for one of California’s new digital license plates.

The plates, which is being tested in the Sacramento area, have a digital display board that is similar to a Kindle, along with a wireless communication system, according to the Sacramento Bee.

In addition to automatically updating the registration tags, the plates are able to display personal messages, provided the DMV and authorities allow it (I’m thinking probably not as road rage is already bad enough as it is and a license plate “texting” the car in back if it to “fuckoff” isn’t going to help).

Another feature of the plate is that it could tell police exactly where the car is if stolen (provided the plate is not detached), which is great unless you are worried about the government being able to track your every move.

The plates will not be available from the DMV, rather through dealers, for some reason and will set you back $699, whatever the cost of installation is, and a monthly fee of seven bucks.

Worth it? Let’s discuss in the comments.